How to Sell

Explore the NFT selling process on ArbiPegs effortlessly and efficiently.

How to Sell NFTs on ArbiPegs

Before start selling your NFTs, please make sure:

  • The NFTs you want to sell are ERC-721 compatible. ERC-1155 NFTs are not supported yet.

  • There is at least enough native token (e.g. $ETH on Arbitrum) in the wallet to pay for the gas fee of approval.

  • ArbiPegs supports Fixed Price Listing and Auction to sell NFTs, You can choose either way, but you can’t sell an NFT in both ways at the same time.

To sell your NFTs, you need to visit the Profile page which shows all the NFTs in your wallet. The Profile page features powerful filters to help you find the NFT to sell.

There are two options to list the NFTs you are holding which are:

  1. In the My Profile Page: opening the My Profile Page of the NFT, you can find the Sell button:

  1. On the token page: opening the detail page of the NFT, you can find the Sell button:

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