Collection Verification

Secure NFT transactions with verified contracts, preventing potential scams.

The ArbiPegs team continuously checks the legality of any newly listed NFT contract and its verification status will be displayed as a sign beside its collection name like below:

The verified icon may mean either of the cases below:

  • The contract address of the NFT matches one of the contracts that was created by the NFT project team.

  • The contract of the NFT belongs to its NFT project.

This is to prevent users from buying fake NFTs that are usually created by scammers.

The unverified icon may be displayed for any one of the reasons below:

  • We are unable to determine or contact the project team for this NFT;

  • This NFT’s contract is malformed;

  • This NFT may be fraud or fake;

What’s the Benefit for Verified Collection

For verified collection, ArbiPegs provides:

  • A verified mark beside the collection name;

  • A dedicated page for this NFT collection, with official links, filters, and rarity view, and promoted on the homepage of ArbiPegs.

  • A chance to be featured on the homepage of ArbiPegs.

How to Get Your Collection Verified

ArbiPegs provides various ways for projects, you can contact the admins @0xShroomy, @0xForsty, or @0xGrossepoub in our Discord Group to learn more or fill in the form here.

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