Fixed Price

Learn how to create, manage, and profit from Fixed Price listings.

Fixed Price sale is a standard sale, where you set a price at which your NFT is listed and others can pay to purchase it. The payment deducting market fees and royalties is the total revenue you get.


  • Fixed Price Listing can be canceled anytime before purchase.


  • If an expiration time is set for the listing, the listing will be removed once the time is up.

  • If the NFT for sale is moved away from its owner’s address, the listing will not be removed once detected and stays valid when someone tries to purchase it. Always make sure to cancel your listing before sending it to somebody else.


  • ArbiPegs takes a fixed 3% market fee.

  • Depending on the royalty settings, there may be an extra royalty fee taken from the payment by the NFT team.

Sell at Fixed Price

The Fixed Price Listing has no big difference from other markets you are familiar with.

Step 1 - Set Price & Expiration

Step 2 - Approval

After the List button is clicked, you will be guided to finish an approval operation.

For new people to blockchain or NFTs in general, Approval is like giving ArbiPegs permission to transfer your NFT to someone else or list it on our Marketplace. Don’t worry, no real transfer will happen at this moment. When someone paid money for your NFT, the contract of tofuNFT would then transfer your NFT to the buyer immediately so the trade could be finished.

Approval is a one-time-only operation for each NFT collection.

Step 3 - Start Listing

After the approval, you will be prompted by your wallet to finish a signing. After that, your item will be listed on ArbiPegs in a few seconds.

The signing takes no fee and is used to verify that you are the owner of the listing NFT.

It’s possible to cancel your fixed-price listing anytime before sold.

Step 4 - Receive Payment

When someone purchases your NFT, the NFT is automatically transferred to the buyer, while the payment is transferred to you in the meantime.

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